Issues and Committees

General Assembly

First Committee (Disarmament and International Security)

  1. Regulating gun laws with special focus on firearm trafficking
  2. Preventing militarization of outer space
  3. Enforcing the ban of bio-chemical weapons in regards to the Russo-Ukranian war

Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

  1. Combating sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and connected stereotypes by improving education and information
  2. Protecting minorities from forced relocation
  3. Improving the situation of children regarding physical and psychological abuse in the context of child soldiers

Sixth Committee (Legal)

  1. Debating the matter of mining resources in space
  2. Discussing the practice of legalization of the death sentence as a legal measure
  3. Strengthening the regulatory framework around organ transplantation

Economic and Social Council

Commission on the Status of Women

  1. Preventing sexual exploitation and abuse of women and girls
  2. Protecting women’s bodily autonomy rights with a special focus on abortion
  3. Counteracting forced marriages especially concerning minors

Commission on Sustainable Development

  1. Combating our earth’s sand shortage
  2. Encouraging sustainable farming in relation to climate change in order to protect ecosystems
  3. Tackling the issue of water pollution from urban and industrial waste to increase water quality

Commission on Science and Technology for Development

  1. Discussing the destabilization of democracies due to virtual reality and artificial intelligence
  2. Encountering inequality in science due to regional disadvantages 
  3. Defining boundaries of genetic engineering

Committee on the Rights of Children

  1. Guaranteeing inclusive and equitable quality education with special focus on literacy 
  2. Improving adoption systems in LEDCs
  3. Combating global malnutrition affecting children in areas of crisis

Independent Councils

Human Rights Council

  1. Ensuring human rights for child refugees in times of conflict
  2. Protecting minorities’ rights to live out cultural diversity concerning religion, ethnicity, nationality and language
  3. Protecting LGBTQIA+ youth
  4. Providing humanitarian living conditions for convicts in prison

Security Council

  1. The confrontations in the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan
  2. The ongoing political and humanitarian crisis in Sudan