Author: Press Team

The End of MUNoH 2022

Here it is! It came faster than anticipated. MUNoH 2022 has come to an end. This afternoon we celebrated our Closing Event in one of


A while back when MUNoH 2022 was still in the making our Event team tried to find something new, something funny for you guys to

Party preparation & execution

A minimum of 150 manhours spread to around four people, that’s what it took to prepare the MUNoH 2022 party. We spoke with some of

3 2 1 GO!

Hey y’all, we had an awesome Opening this afternoon. We first want to thank everyone who participated. After years of only being able to host

MUNoH will beginn Shortly!

Hey readers MUNoH is now right around the corner, beginning next week. We’re really excited that all these preparations are now finally leading up to

Welcome to the MUNoH Blog!

A great first timer in MUNoH history, we finally got a MUNoH blog! Big thanks goes to the Computer Staff for developing the digital infrastructure.